Chaos Communication Camp Train Operation Center

Deutsche Startseite Chaos Communication Camp Train Operation Center

We really enjoyed having all the train folks help us run the trains at Camp (and the four Feldvermittlung angels that helped patch through phone calls)! We hope to see all of you again soon at some Chaos event or elsewhere!

tl;dr: go to

Before we go, there’s a few more things:

  • We’ll continue having Chaos train related stuff on, and we’ll post updates on the fediverse at, so be sure to follow us there!
  • While we don’t have the budget to hand out an Alternative Angel Shirt, we do have a design that you can have printed yourself, or order from a shop here in Hamburg. Head over to c3toc Traingel Shirt for more information!
  • We will be hosting a field train and training signal tower session at the VVM museum on October 22. See c3toc VVM Museum Visit for details. You will have the opportunity to drive one of the Field Train locos, and we will have the training signal tower open so you can run (virtual) trains there. If you arrive on Friday or Saturday, you can also visit the CCCHH if you’d like.
  • For December at Congress, we’re planning a Hackertour to the VVM museum. Depending on the number of attendees, people might only ride the Field Train, but the signal tower will be open.
  • We’ll shut down the alternative angel system and will delete all data. If you’d like to save any of it, please archive it before September 1st!

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